* The Magic Carpet Collection *

All the work in this shop are one off designer pieces with no repeats. This is an important concept in my work as I have a great love for the individuality of each person and the unexpected nature of life. This is reflected in the many different “incidentals” you will see in each piece.

Each collection will be run on approximately a 3 month changeover and each new collection will focus on a different product. I am pleased to introduce my new collection; The Magic Carpet Collection.

Each piece comes under a different section which can be seen below.


All carpets in this part of the collection come from our own mountain variety of sheep lovingly cared for in Ireland on the hills of Clare Island. The wool is then hand spun and naturally dyed for the most part with indigenous plants from the island. It is then handwoven onto a sturdy linen warp creating a truly and uniquely Individual little piece of Clare Island.

Rag Rugs:

The carpets in this part of the collection are all made from a robust 100% Wool recycled material which is the waste off the looms from a nearby woollen mill. Of all the carpets these are the most “functional” They are easily machine washable and will withstand a lot of wear. Woollen rags are woven onto a very strong linen warp. Rag rugs take on a whole new meaning in these carpets. The woollen fabric makes them really warm and luxurious.


All of the rya rugs here are made from 100% wool yarn hand knotted onto a linen warp and woollen weaving set between the rows of knots. It is a very time-consuming process and different densities can be created depending on the number of knots made. You have many design possibilities in this format of rug making so it can be quite interesting. It also gives you an opportunity to use up perhaps some of your left over bits and pieces. It makes for a sturdy and cushy carpet.


All the runners are woven with 100% wool and as the name suggests are for the most part longer than the others. They are a medium weight carpet and can be used in a variety of ways. They are machine washable on a woollen cycle.


A collection of one off unique styles and techniques.