* The Linen Collection *

All the work in this shop are one off designer pieces with no repeats. This is an important concept in my work as I have a great love for the individuality of each person and the unexpected nature of life. This is reflected in the many different “incidentals” you will see in each piece.

Each collection will be run on approximately a 3 month changeover and each new collection will focus on a different product. I am pleased to introduce my new collection; The Linen Collection.

Each piece comes under a different section which can be seen below.

Linen Towels:

These wonderful pieces are made from 100% Linen and although designed as towels can be used multifunctionally as table cover, chair back etc. The only limitation is your own imagination. The thing to remember is that although quite elegant looking they do actually make good functional towels improving with age as only linen can do! I was inspired to create these in response to my love of swimming in the sea. Each one is unique and one off and will surely add something to whatever setting you choose to use it in.

The Teddies:

These teddies are all very individual and have great character. They are made of 100% handwoven linen fabric and will surely bring great joy into the lives of those with whom they engage. My inspiration for these teddies is a desire to be playful. Young or old will surely be delighted by these beauties! My goal is to find good homes for them all.

The Minis:

Don’t let their size deceive you. These little minis are the cutest baby bears ever!


From couch to bed to table to wall these large 100% linen pieces work equally well. Each one is unique and will add a special zing wherever you decide to place them. Inspiration for these pieces come from the beauty of nature that surrounds me in its ever-changing patterns and light in the landscape. All pieces are machine washable on a woollen cycle.

Smaller Treasures:

These 100% linen treasures are bold and will make a statement whether worn as a scarf, used as a covering or placed upon a wall. The patterns in these works are very individual and create an atmosphere of the unexpected. They are both playful and exquisite and are sure to cheer you up whatever the occasion.